Tendering lease company

The Fleetmanagers are your lease tender specialists.

A successful lease tender requires a great deal of knowledge of products and the market, and much experience. Often, businesses and organisations don't have that knowledge in-house, meaning they miss out on getting the best deal. And that is a shame, especially as they tend to enter into partnerships for the long term. A difficult and long-drawn-out relationship with a key supplier not only gives you plenty of headaches; it often hits you in the pocket. We have years of experience in helping businesses deal with tendering, and a great track record in this area. This means you get to enjoy a solid partnership, one where you renew your contracts instead of terminating them in frustration.

De Wagenparkbeheerders zetten hun jarenlange kennis en ervaring in als leasetender specialist

We are distinguished by our unique approach, one that is all about long-term relationships between customer and lease company.

A custom supplier

When we select a lease company for you, we always bear your individual preferences in mind. Our many years of experience in undertaking countless tenders for our customers, coupled with our specialism in lease tenders with large lease companies, means that time and again we manage to identify the most favourable rates and terms available. We are bold enough to guarantee you that our confidently independent strategy will always net you the best outcome.

Building long-term relationships

Our approach might be different from what you are used to. We make efforts to bring about a long-term relationship between you and your lease company. Ways in which we do this include asking probing questions from the get-go about the lease company's overall pricing, and holding them to an agreement on how prices will be permitted to progress. Rather than looking at a reference list of just a handful of available vehicles, we evaluate each lease company on the basis of what they charge for every vehicle type they are currently able to supply.

Unambiguous agreements

Please don't expect that our lease tender specialist will be knocking on your door with a three-inch-thick wad of documents for you to stuff in a drawer and forget about. We are all about clear and measurable service agreements: agreements that are there to serve the purpose of getting quality to the level you want and keeping it there. All our tender documents are custom-made for you. They contain questions and case studies specifically applicable to your situation. This way, we can make sure that lease companies really can stand out from their competition and we give them the challenge of being a custom supplier for you, too.

Who we work for

  • Vanderlande
    Since 2012, logistics company Vanderlande has had The Fleetmanagers undertake the tactical and strategic management of its 220-vehicle fleet.
  • Feenstra
    We know small commercial vans like the back of our hand. The Fleetmanagers manages facilities firm Feenstra's fleet of no fewer than 700 vans and 210 company cars.
  • Manpowergroup
    Starting with consultancy and management on an interim basis up to complete outsourcing. Manpowergroup decided to outsource the whole of their vehicle fleet management (950 vehicles) of all labels to us.
  • Stater
    After we had fulfilled an advisory role for them for several years, mortgage managers Stater decided to outsource the whole of their vehicle fleet management to us.
  • TNO
    Innovation firm TNO called in The Fleetmanagers to assist them through the process of the European tender for their vehicle fleet and to help them put structural checks in place to achieve the agreements they had made.
  • otys - De Wagenparkbeheerders
    For recruitment software providers OTYS, we at The Fleetmanagers struck by far the best deal they could have got, using our collective purchasing power.
  • Lamb Weston - De Wagenparkbeheerders
    Lamb Weston
    We at The Fleetmanagers have abilities across the board. For Lamb Weston, we are responsible for the purchase, policy-setting and management of their international vehicle fleet, spanning seventeen countries.
  • De Volksbank
    The Fleetmanagers selected exactly the lease company for De Volksbank they’re looking for.
  • Enexis
    The Fleetmanagers are responsible for the management of 1100 vans, 1400 company cars and 1200 mobility cards since we have won the European tender “Beheer Mobiliteit” of Enexis.