European tender for external vehicle fleet management

European tender for external vehicle fleet management

A European tender for external vehicle fleet management is not a deal struck in a day. Tendering with a lease company is a fiercely complex series of negotiations. In recognition of this, more and more businesses and organisations are opting to have a specialist company take it off their hands. There are plenty of variables in lease contracts, and tender performance is subject to exacting rules. The Fleetmanagers boasts not only the requisite product knowledge but also the ability to turn that knowledge into sensible metrics for price and quality criteria.

We will be glad to support you for a successful tender

Een Europese Aanbesteding voor extern wagenparkbeheer is een complex traject. Wij maken u wegwijs.

Extensive expertise

Thanks to our years of experience, we are intimately familiar with the world of vehicle fleet management. We have past experience in undertaking many tenders for external fleet management for our customers. In addition, we have plentiful professional knowledge gained from providing tendering consultancy services for lease companies. You can expect with full confidence that we know what strategy to pursue to get optimum results for you.

Custom work

European tendering for external vehicle fleet management is a game whose rules we can recite in our sleep. Because of how we set about our work, we are able to document the cost of each vehicle type that could be supplied, rather than just of a bare-bones sample of vehicles. The tendering guide that we draw up for you is always custom-made and contains issues and case studies particularly germane to your situation.

We get the best out of the lease company

Our unique approach to tenders for external fleet management allows us to present the lease company with a chance to really stand out from the crowd during our quality assessment. The agreements we make on price and quality are clearly documented in a dedicated contract, so you will immediately have everything sorted and there is no scope for misunderstandings.

The Fleetmanagers give you the tools you need to get quality and price where you need them to be—and keep them there. You can also count on us to oversee performance by your new supplier.

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Wij werken voor

  • Vanderlande
    Since 2012, logistics company Vanderlande has had The Fleetmanagers undertake the tactical and strategic management of its 220-vehicle fleet.
  • Feenstra
    We know small commercial vans like the back of our hand. The Fleetmanagers manages facilities firm Feenstra's fleet of no fewer than 700 vans and 210 company cars.
  • Manpowergroup
    Starting with consultancy and management on an interim basis up to complete outsourcing. Manpowergroup decided to outsource the whole of their vehicle fleet management (950 vehicles) of all labels to us.
  • Stater
    After we had fulfilled an advisory role for them for several years, mortgage managers Stater decided to outsource the whole of their vehicle fleet management to us.
  • TNO
    Innovation firm TNO called in The Fleetmanagers to assist them through the process of the European tender for their vehicle fleet and to help them put structural checks in place to achieve the agreements they had made.
  • otys - De Wagenparkbeheerders
    For recruitment software providers OTYS, we at The Fleetmanagers struck by far the best deal they could have got, using our collective purchasing power.
  • Lamb Weston - De Wagenparkbeheerders
    Lamb Weston
    We at The Fleetmanagers have abilities across the board. For Lamb Weston, we are responsible for the purchase, policy-setting and management of their international vehicle fleet, spanning seventeen countries.
  • De Volksbank
    The Fleetmanagers selected exactly the lease company for De Volksbank they’re looking for.
  • Enexis
    The Fleetmanagers are responsible for the management of 1100 vans, 1400 company cars and 1200 mobility cards since we have won the European tender “Beheer Mobiliteit” of Enexis.